Second attempt, with 100% more radio.

  • Summit height: 853m
  • Transportation: driving + hiking
  • Rig: KX2, 10W, internal battery
  • Antenna: LNR EFT-10/20/40 Trail Friendly, inverted L (sort of) configuration on SOTAbeams 10m telescopic mast + tree
  • QSOs: 7 on 20m including 1 S2S and 1 on 40m, all SSB

Another pleasant, warm weather family SOTA outing. After a false start the day before (when we drove all the way there just to realize I forgot to take the backpack with the radio & antenna), we went again and started off with lunch at the Hochwacht restaurant.

A short hike afterwards we reached the summit, a small clearing in the forest with not much of a view. A slightly crooked tree served as antenna pole binding post, while the other end of the inverted L was strung up in a branch. After finding an empty frequency and self spotting, a small pileup quickly developed (although it later seemed as if not all of it was related to my activation). Once it cleared up I tried 40m, but nobody was there and QRN was quite high. A look at the SOTA spots showed HB9DQM/P on HB/SG-026, so I tuned up and worked a S2S with mutual 59 signal reports (I suspect the summits are in direct line of sight propagation). A final attempt on 40m netted 1 QSO with HB9AGH, who was apparently trying quite hard to dig me out from the noise (received signal report was 52!).

The crouching position, heat, and flies were getting bothersome so I wrapped up, packed everything again, and we headed back to the car enjoying the views from the path. A nice and fun activation overall!