HB/ZH-004 - Bachtel

High volume activation.

HB/NE-006 - Gros Crêt

First Morse activation!

HB/BE-104 - Chasseral

Shifting weather activation.

HB/GR-155 - Aroser Weisshorn

Birthday activation with a view.

HB/ZH-020 - Batzberg

This took a few changes to complete.

HB/BE-087 - Niesen

Nice despite circumspect onlookers.

HB/AI-007 - Kronberg

Short and sweet with nice views and first ever 70cm QSO.

HB/AI-001 - Säntis

First FM activation and some very nice views.

HB/ZH-011 - Pfannenstiel

Second attempt, with 100% more radio.

HB/ZH-012 - Aeugsterberg

Nice activation close to home.

HB/ZH-006 - Bürglen

My first SOTA activation!